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August 2017
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Holden Karnofsky of tells the story of his attempt to rewrite the rules for how $200+ billion a year in philanthropy is given away -- from a side project of some hedge-fund young guns, to a dream in a cockroach-ridden closet of an apartment in the East Village, to a reality moving millions of dollars a year to save lives.

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The back stories of two unlikely activists, both of whom have changed the world through the power of information--but are in certain key respects dissimilar: Bradley Manning and Roger Ailes. Our guests: Chase Madar, author of The Passion of Bradley Manning, and Ari Rabin-Havt, author of The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network Into a Propaganda Machine.

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John Raskin beats the West Side Stadium; Aaron Swartz tells the surprising story of zoning and urban sprawl; and Ben Wikler tells how he got started in activism fighting a Coca-Cola deal in local schools.

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Anna Rose, Simon Sheikh, and Ben Margetts tell the story of Australia's climate movement -- from college friendship to national legislative victory, with a marriage along the way. 

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Zack Exley on the creation of the New Organizing Institute and inside Wikipedia; Randy Parraz on the epic Arizona immigration recall rebellion.

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Three awesome Brooklynites: Irin Carmon, freshly returned to Brooklyn from Guatemala, spoke talk about what it looks like at the other end of the US deportation system; Amanda Marcotte guided us through the real politics and realpolitik of Obama, contraception, and the religious right; and Justin Krebs revealed the premise and promise of Drinking Liberally, which promotes democracy one pint at a time.

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Brianna Cayo Cotter on the Verizon fee fight; Stephen Geer remembers 2008.

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#3: College pals vs Keystone XL

The back stories of two awesome wins: Daniel Mintz on the progressive campaign that drove Obama's new investigation of the mortgage fraud behind the Great Recession, and May Boeve on the mind-blowing story of the group of college friends who created Step It Up,, and fueled the Keystone XL victory. Plus, the inside scoop on Ben Wikler's unexpectedly short haircut!

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Ben Brandzel reviews the supermovements of 2011 and takes us back to the uprising in Wisconsin, Deepa Gupta pulls into the heart of the historic anti-corruption uprising in India, and Aaron Swartz tells the fullest, behind-the-scenes-est, where-it-all-really-started-est story of the SOPA/Internet censorship story that American broadcasting has ever dared air.

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Ricken Patel of, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman of, and Garlin Gilchrist II of in a dot-org smorgasbord of truth, freedom, and--of course!--flaming, swordful justice. 

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